Philadelphia Scholars Mentoring Program


The Shire Mentoring Program pilot program was launched in August 2011. During the first year of the program, 12 Last Dollar Scholarship recipients entering their sophomore year of college were matched with Shire mentor volunteers. Although for the mentoring teams commitment was minimal, the impact was great. Mentors supported and encouraged our scholars to access academic support services and other programs that would enrich their college experience, increasing the likelihood of graduation.

The goal of this program is to provide each Scholar with a caring, concerned adult, who will help him/her navigate within their college or university and access available resources. Through working with their mentor, the Scholars will develop positive, personal relationships with an adult and strengthen their critical-thinking and self-advocacy skills. These characteristics will serve them well in achieving their academic and professional goals.

It is clear that mentoring has many profound benefits for our Scholars. From answering weekend phone calls about a challenging workload, responding to emails about the best way to secure an internship, or meeting face to face to discuss appropriate interview attire, Mentors help to lead our Scholars on a more successful path. Through program expansion, we will have the ability to reach all of our first year college students and ensure that our Scholars take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you are interested in partnering your business with the Philadelphia Scholars Mentoring Program, please contact Chyna Hart, Philadelphia Scholars Program Specialist, at or by phone at 215-665-1400 x3340.



“Working with Rick and seeing him strive to achieve his goals has caused me to look at how I am following my own passions. The experience has been great!”

– Shareef Jackson, Shire employee

"I was immediately interested in participating when I heard of the partnership between Shire and the Philadelphia Education Fund to pilot a mentorship program. Lizbeth and I have not only developed a strong mentoring relationship but have been building a friendship and I'm looking forward to being a part of her journey to graduate and the commencement of her professional career."

– Sherri Cirota, Shire employee

“It's always great talking with Camina on the phone. She always gives me advice when I need it and she shows interest in my career and what I would like to pursue. To add on I feel like she is a big sister to me and that I can talk to her about almost anything.”

- Janay Dempsey, Philadelphia Scholar



Mentor/Mentee Meet & Greet: August 10, 2012.