Teacher Preparation

Teacher Prep: A Pathway to a Great Teacher in Every Classroom

In the fall of 2015, we proudly launched our Teacher Preparation Initiative, a program designed to scale best practices in pre-service teacher preparation (which prepares teachers before employment) and new teacher support in order to reach a broader partnership of educators.

Firmly rooted in the lessons learned from our earlier work with the Philadelphia Teacher Residency (PTR), the new Teacher Prep program recognizes the importance of exceptional mentoring to a pre-service teacher’s ability to address the complex challenges of today’s classrooms and students.

Core program components that drive successful outcomes for students and excellent teacher retention rates include:

  • A continuous program of professional development for the mentors and supervisors of student teachers during their field placements in local schools.

  • Coordination with universities to articulate theory translated into practice

  • Networking opportunities for all participants and, specifically, for new teachers

These components propel rich opportunities for us to engage with classroom mentors; collaborate with university partners; and convene a broad range of educators to connect with one another, work collectively on problem solving activities centering on classroom practice, cultivate teacher leadership, and share resources.

We are excited about this next step in our Teacher Prep practice, and encourage you to email Kim Stephens, Vice President of Programs, to learn more.