Teacher Networks

The Value of Teacher Networks

At the Philadelphia Education Fund (the Ed Fund), we believe that every student deserves a path to college and career success. That starts with a great teacher in every classroom.

A great teacher is a networked teacher.

Based on research and close partnerships with teachers and schools in Philadelphia, the Ed Fund recognizes that teacher networks:

  • Empower teachers to collaborate, lead, and take ownership of their professional learning to improve practice and impact student outcomes;
  • Build sustainable social capital in schools, creating stronger school cultures prepared to take on the challenges of today’s classrooms;
  • Amplify teacher voice and leadership, improving job satisfaction and teacher retention; and
  • Enable educators to inform policies which directly impact teachers and students.

Recognizing their importance, the Philadelphia Education Fund has incubated and advocated for teacher networks through program and policy efforts for more than two decades. While our role has evolved over the years, the Ed Fund continues to be a source of comprehensive information about available resources such as teacher development opportunities and upcoming funding opportunities through its monthly Teacher Network e-newsletter. The Ed Fund also helps to connect teachers to relevant networks through its Teacher Network website, which provides information about the many networks that are flourishing throughout the city.

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