College and Career Framework

Pathways to Success: A Framework for College and Career Readiness

Every educator believes that students should graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and career.  And yet, while we can pinpoint this destination precisely, we too often lack a map by which to navigate. The Philadelphia Education Fund’s Framework for College and Career Success was designed to meet this need. In the Framework, schools will find the tools necessary to accurately locate each student’s unique starting point, chart a course to postsecondary success, and ensure that no student strays too far from the path to success.  

Specifically, the Framework for College and Career Success provides guidance to secondary educators, administrators, and community partners who wish to build a school culture in which all students complete high school ready to be successful in college and career.  

The Framework:

1) Looks beyond college enrollment by incorporating current research on cognitive and socio-emotional capacities and considers college readiness not just as academic preparation but also as the knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes necessary to be successful in college and career

2) Focuses on implementation, and is informed by Ed Fund experience with direct service and systems-level programming in Philadelphia

3) Recognizes that the responsibility for providing robust college readiness supports falls on many people and requires the engagement of the school and multiple stakeholders

4) Is flexible and can be adapted to the different needs, capacities, and opportunities of individual schools

It is our hope that the Framework for College and Career Success will provide you and your colleagues with a reliable tool with which to help your students better navigate the pathway to college and career success.