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The Philadelphia Education Fund is pleased to offer two STEM Education Directories, which are geared toward classroom teachers, out-of-school staff, musuem educators, and anyone interested in enriching their STEM programming.

The STEM Field Trip Directory lists local destinations that provide educational activities relatd to science, technology, engineering, and/or math.

The STEM Outreach Directory features individuals and organizations that can visit classrooms or out-of-school programs, and offer student-focused STEM activities.

A special thank you to the Out-of-School Time Resource Center, at Foundations Inc., or allowing us to use their Resource Directory templates.

stem education resources

We are proud to partner with STEMCityPHL, which provides resources for local and regional STEM educators. Visit their website HERE.

Math and science coalition Publications

From 2006 through 2016, the Education Fund's STEM Initiatives were coordinated by the Philadelphia Math + Science Coalition.

From 2006 to 2009, The Philadelphia Math + Science Coalition was guided by a strategic framework developed by the Coalition partners. The Coalition’s 2009–2012 Strategic Plan built on its significant work and achievements from 2006 to 2009, and outlines the six goals that guided its work through 2012.

>Strategic Plan 1 (2006-2009)
>Strategic Plan 2 (2009-2012)
>Strategic Plan 3 (2013-2016)

PARENT RESOURCE - “A Parent’s Pocket Guide to Math and Science” offers ideas about how parents can spark interest in math and science in their children, and how students can stay on track in their math and science classes in grades 6-12. The guide is one outcome of the Coalition’s partnership with the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM). Access the guide HERE.

SCHOOL DISTRICT AGENDA - Acting Superintendent Leroy Nunery spoke at the Math + Science Coalition meeting on October 14, 2011 regarding the District's agenda for STEM education in Philadelphia public schools. See the agenda HERE. 

REPORT ON PRE-SERVICE TEACHER PREPARATION - Included in the report are fifteen recommendations for preparing undergraduate secondary level math and science teachers. View the report HERE.

STUDENT PROGRAMS - During the October 19, 2010 Philadelphia Math + Science Coalition meeting, the Deputy Superintendent Leroy Nunery and Special Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent Nancy Hopkins-Evans outlined the district's plan to coordinate STEM programs for students in district schools. View the strategy HERE. 

PISA TESTING - The Math + Science Coalition, and the Institute for a Competitive Workforce hosted a special presentation by internationally acclaimed education expert Andreas Schleicher, Education Policy Advisor to the Secretary-General, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). View the PowerPoint HERE.