Frequently Asked Questions








Is the Philadelphia Education Fund a foundation?

No. The Philadelphia Education Fund is an independent nonprofit organization with a staff of approximately 21 people. It fulfills its mission through funding from private donors, foundations, public sources, and contracts from nonprofit organizations. It has oversight by a board of directors.


How was the Philadelphia Education Fund established?

The roots of the Ed Fund can be traced to 1985, when the city's business, foundation, and university communities created the Philadelphia Alliance for Teaching Humanities in Schools (PATHS)/Philadelphia Renaissance in Science and Mathematics (PRISM). PATHS/PRISM worked in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia to increase access and rigor to humanities and science/math education for K-12 students. During the same period, the Philadelphia Schools Collaborative was created by the District to focus on high school reform.

In a strategic decision to unify two organizations that were working toward similar goals, PATHS/PRISM and the Collaborative merged in 1995 to form the Philadelphia Education Fund. The result of this merger is a single, stronger entity that occupies a significant role in Philadelphia schools and the surrounding region.


Does the Philadelphia Education Fund have experts ready to discuss topics about public education?

Yes. Ed Fund staff members have decades of experience working inside and outside urban school systems to improve the educational experiences and opportunities for youth. Members of the media and others should contact President and CEO Farah Jimenez at 215-665-1400 ext. 3313 or at for help in finding the right person to answer your question or to schedule an interview or speaking engagement.


How can I learn more about the Philadelphia Education Fund?

You can find more information about the Ed Fund's history, mission, board of directors, and more. For additional information, please contact our President and CEO (see above contact information)