Programs for Educators

Whether you are a current educator or considering a career in education, our numerous programs provide direct and indirect benefits. Many outline strategies and tactics to enhance your effectiveness as a teacher or administrator, while others emphasize your role as an advocate for public education. Learn more about these programs, their objectives, and their value below.


The Philadelphia Education Fund works with teachers, both new and experienced, and those preparing to be teachers to ensure that every teacher in every classroom is excellent. Through our Teacher Preparation Program, professional development opportunities including those offered through our Philadelphia Postsecondary Success Program, and the Teacher Networks we support, teachers are sharing resources, ideas, and best practices to ensure that Philadelphia’s public school students receive the best education that prepares them for college and career success.

Classroom Supports

Keep Students on Track to Graduation

Learn how to identify the factors that contribute to a student's decision to drop out and gain knowledge to effectively aid in intervention.
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Add It Up

Prepare your students to compete successfully in an increasingly global workforce that requires 21st century math and science knowledge and problem solving skills.
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Support Student Success

Help your high school students begin pursuing their college careers by referring them to our College Access Program.
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