The Philadelphia Education Fund drives exceptional outcomes for all students by developing great teachers and building paths to college and career success.

Our Vision

All young people in Philadelphia have the skills and opportunity to succeed in college and career.

Our Goals & Objectives

Establish and coordinate high-quality educator development and support for Philadelphia public schools.

  • Improve teacher preparation programs in Philadelphia
  • Improve professional development of Philadelphia public school teachers
  • Network teachers to build support, learning and leadership opportunities

Build a college-and-career-going culture in Philadelphia public schools.

  • Embed an excellent college- and career-going framework in the Philadelphia public school system
  • Design and deliver a model system of college- and career-going supports
  • Align instruction across secondary and postsecondary institutions

At the Ed Fund, we incubate promising practices and systems, demonstrate how these are beneficial via implementation and evaluation, and disseminate best practices to the field.

The Ed Fund is an independent nonprofit organization that fulfills its mission through funding provided by private donors, foundations, corporations, and public sources.

Throughout our history, we have developed a particular expertise in preparing teachers for successful careers in the School District of Philadelphia.  Through our own and others’ research and practice, we know that great teachers lead to exceptional student outcomes. We impact some 410 teachers and 17,495 students in schools across Philadelphia, as well as approximately 943 other individuals including administrators, policymakers and university personnel. 

In an era of shifting policy, financial uncertainty, and teacher turnover, supporting the development of great teachers requires a comprehensive approach to teacher preparation. Teacher preparation institutions, both traditional and non-traditional, must work in concert with local school operators to employ proven and agreed upon frameworks in educational practice.

Ed Fund program and policy efforts encompass the continuum of teacher learning from pre-service and induction through in-service professional development.  Based on our work with institutions of higher education, non-traditional certifiers, teachers, and principals, as well as findings from research and practice, we believe that realizing exceptional student outcomes requires the following: 

1. Selecting teacher candidates with both the skills and dispositions to thrive in a high-need urban school setting;

2. Preparing candidates to become exceptional teachers through content-specific learning, inquiry-based scholarship, and extensive fieldwork; and

3. Building ongoing efforts to further develop teachers post-certification.

Read more about our work with teachers here.

In addition to providing educators with direct programs and resources, we are also actively working as an agent of change by partnering with the School District to improve policy and practice leading to improved teaching and learning in the classroom.

Our History

The roots of the Ed Fund can be traced to 1985, when the city's business, foundation, and university communities created the Philadelphia Alliance for Teaching Humanities in the Schools (PATHS)/Philadelphia Renaissance in Science and Mathematics (PRISM). PATHS/PRISM worked in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia to increase access and rigor to humanities and science/math education for K–12 students. During the same period, the Philadelphia Schools Collaborative (the Collaborative) was created by the District to focus on high school reform.

In a strategic decision to unify two organizations working toward similar goals, PATHS/PRISM and the Collaborative merged in 1995 to form the Philadelphia Education Fund. The result of this merger is a single, stronger entity that occupies a significant role in Philadelphia schools and the surrounding region.

Our Key Initiatives

Early Warning System

  College Access Program

  Education First Compact

  STEM Initiatives

  Philadelphia Scholars Program


  Philadelphia Postsecondary Success Program 

  Research, training, and technical assistance 

  Teacher Networks 

  Teacher Preparation 

Our Leadership Team

The talented and experienced staff of the Philadelphia Education Fund guides and supports school district administrations while providing objective oversight on behalf of those in the city and surrounding region that have an active interest in public education.

Our Leadership Team brings decades of experience, gained from working inside and outside urban school systems, universities, and communities to improve the educational experiences and opportunities for our youth.

We Want To Hear From You

There are many ways to connect with us. Volunteer with one of our programs or events. Read our stories and sign up to receive the latest information. Engage with us at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter.