Leadership Team

For 30 years, the talented and experienced staff at the Philadelphia Education Fund has been at the center of school reform in the city. We continue to guide and support school district administrations while providing objective oversight on behalf of those in the city and surrounding region that have an active interest in public education.

Our Leadership Team brings decades of experience, gained from working inside and outside urban school systems, universities, and communities to improve the educational experiences and opportunities for our youth.

Our Leadership Team:

  • Director of Educational Innovation
    (215) 665-1400 x3302
    padorno [at] philaedfund.org
  • President and CEO
    (215) 665-1400 x3313
    fjimenez [at] philaedfund.org
  • Vice President, Finance and Operations
    (215) 665-1400 x3320
    njones [at] philaedfund.org
  • Vice President of Resource Development
    (215) 665-1400 x3353
    smolberger [at] philaedfund.org
  • Director of STEM Initiatives
    (215) 665-1400 x3342
    npeter [at] philaedfund.org
  • Director of Research, Evaluation, and Planning
    (215) 665-1400 x3337
    dschiff [at] philaedfund.org
  • Vice President, Programs
    (215) 665-1400 x3316
    kstephens [at] philaedfund.org